From an early age, KRISTINA has had an ongoing love for visual art, creative techniques and dynamic color palettes. She would constantly admire the work of various makeup artists yet, felt intimidated to use a person's face as her human canvas. It was not until she was in the right place, at the right time, and was compelled to grab a brush and go for it. Her life–and the lives of hundreds of her clients–has not been the same since. 

KRISTINA'S work can be found across print, editorial, film and television. Although based in the DC-MD-VA area, her clientele spans throughout the entire United States. As her work continuously advances, she finds excitement and exhilaration in the different opportunities the beauty industry affords her and is eager for the road ahead.

I view all of my clients as bare canvases and each process is tailored individually to match their face shape, complexion, and texture.